Live Chat Software Features


CustomerReach Live Chat Software uses instant messages to talk to customers one-on-one. The live chat software gives businesses the opportunity to chat with customers while they are visiting the website to provide help and support. It allows companies to track, monitor and communicate with their website visitors in real-time. This increases sales, lowers customer service costs and enhances the customer service experience.

Real-time Chat

This live chat feature provides you with the benefit of giving immediate replies to customer inquiries or providing support to clients when needed. Customer related issues are quickly resolved with live customer chat. Providing immediate answers to issues helps get rid of barriers to purchasing. This also builds customer confidence, knowing that there is a live agent just a click away to answer all of their questions.

Visitor Monitoring

With the visitor tracking feature, you can check the origin of the visitor and the keywords they had used to arrive to your website. This will help to determine if the right key words have been optimized and used effectively. You can see which page the customer is currently on, while being able to correspond with every customer entering the site. You can be notified when a user logs in or browses through your website at any moment.

Multiple Agents in a Chat

With Live Chat, customer assistance can be available 24 hours a day so that no matter where your clients are, help is at your agents’ fingertips. This feature will ultimately earn you the reputation of being number one in customer service and communication. For a large online company, deploying several agents at different shifts will ensure that every website visitor will not be left unattended.

Customizable Interface

A customizable interface will turn your Live Chat window into a professional display that can be seen by users of the chat service. You can choose from any of the options to personalize or add your company logo to be displayed.

Web Collaboration

During a live chat, visitors can view pages specified by the agent without typing the URL. Customer service representatives can actually “push” a URL to a visitor so that the web page will appear on their computer during a live chat.


Agents can be notified several ways when a visitor enters the site, requests a live customer chat, and sends a message. Notifications include sound, popup windows, flashing icons and other options. With multiple options on how to be notified, you are able to select one that will work best for you so that a call or live chat request is never missed.

Common Phrases

Agents will have the convenience of keeping a personal list handy, one that can be edited according to the agent’s needs. Agents can refer to the list as needed, making conversations with clients easier and much clearer during a live customer chat. The list will be helpful and will ensure fluent conversations with customers.

Call Transfer

With the call transfer feature in the live chat software, a call can be channeled to the right agent with no more than a simple click of a button. A client will not be put on hold during a live customer chat, resulting in a quick resolve of any issue.

Spell Checking As You Type

The spell checking feature package instantly detects and warns the agent of a misspelled word and gives the agent a chance to correct the errors before sending. The spell check option can also be disabled, for the more confident and faster typists.

Pro-active Invitation

With pro-active initiation, agents have the capacity to invite website visitors or customers to a live chat conversation. Agents can send a welcome greeting, or if the agent feels the visitor might be in need of help, they can instantly open a live chat window to offer help and advice.

Supervisor Monitoring

Supervisors can view the conversations between agents and visitors during their live customer chats in real time for quick monitoring. If the supervisor sees that an agent is having trouble dealing with a customer or visitor, he can immediately assist the agent in that live chat conversation.

Agent Images

The agent’s image reflected on the live chat window reminds the customers that they are conversing with a real person, and not an automated computer.

Online/offline Indication

Agents can indicate their status so that whenever they need to leave their work place, the ‘away’ or ‘unavailable’ status can be posted to inform visitors, clients and co-workers. If you forget to log out, your status will automatically change to ‘away’ and visitors can leave a message at your live chat window.


The geo-location feature tracks the origin of your website visitors, aids in geographic targeting of your marketing campaigns and keeps fraudulent transactions from taking place by way of the live chat software system. Agents are able to differentiate their approaches according to the location of the visitor.

Plug-in Architecture

The live chat software system is designed to allow third parties to easily add in components to make CustomerReach even more powerful, flexible and easy-to-use than it is now. Installing additional components to the live chat software can be done without further trouble and delay.

Call Reporting

Managers can view all live customer chat history which includes call times, transcripts and other related information. This reporting tool will allow managers to keep track of agent activities and also gives the manager information on what questions are typically being asked by visitors and buyers so that he will be able to address these issues properly.

Easy-to-use Interface

The sleek and clutter-free format allows for quick comprehension and for every user to easily switch from one task to another for optimum performance.

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