Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started with CustomerReach.

  • Create an Account

    To get started with CustomerReach, first create an account.

  • Download the CustomerReach Software

    Download and run the CustomerReach application. When CustomerReach is running, an icon will appear in the tray.

  • Add Live Chat to Your Website

    To add live chat to your website, modify your web pages to include the live chat button and visitor tracking html snippets. When you're online, the live chat button will indicate to your website visitors that you're available to chat. The visitor tracking html snippet will allow you to be notified when a visitor arrives on your website. Log into you account to obtain the html snippets.

  • Test Your Installation

    Now that you have the live chat tags on your website, you're ready to monitor and chat with your website visitors. Log into the desktop application, open a web browser and navigate to your website. You will hear an audio alert when your page loads. Click on the live chat button to initiate a chat request then return to the desktop application to accept the request.

  • Administer Your Account

    In the administration console, you can add users to your account, customize the live chat window to match your website, configure questions to ask before chats and more. Log into your account.

  • View Reports

    Log into the administration console to see information regarding chats.

Learn More

  • Who We Are

    About CustomerReach, what we do, and other information.

  • Contact Us

    Questions? Feel free to send us a note anytime!